About us

M.M. BPO SERVICES PVT. LTD as a group is leading provider of Outsourcing services to Domestic companies in multiple industries including insurance, banking, financial services, utilities and communication. Our solutions integrate our knowledge and experience in Operational & Process Excellence, to provide our clients with immediate business impact and long term financial value.

M.M. BPO SERVICES PVT. LTD. delivers voice-based solutions, database management and back office support services for Indian customers. We customize our solutions to improve the economics of business performance, transform organizations to be leaner and more flexible and provide a competitive edge in the marketplace.

M.M. BPO SERVICES PVT. LTD. leverages its highly qualified and experienced professionals at its offshore, near-shore and onshore to address our clients’ present challenges and prepare them to forwarding step ahead effectively address future challenges.

M.M. BPO SERVICES PVT. LTD is an Indian company that was incorporated in 2010. Our headquarters are based in New Delhi and we operate Pan India.

M.M. BPO SERVICES PVT.LTD. is entitled to establish & carry on the business to provide Services, Consultancy, Information, Training, Managing Data, Supervision of Administration & Performance Of Business, Management of defaulted consumer debt, Funds, Collection agency, Providing Information, Assistance, Support, Services, Replies, Response, Answers Data, Utilities, Directly or Indirectly, with or without assistance, both with in India & outside India, to various clients, customers, companies, industries, governments, governments authorities, boards, individuals, bodies corporate, whether incorporated or not, association of persons, body of individuals, societies, organizations & for that purpose to employ, utilize, take assistance of all available scientific, technological and communication equipment, internet, electronic data processing facilities and all other types of communication & other media. It has acquaintingto establish & carry on the business of to provide service physical & tele verification, credit analysis, retention, telecalling services, data fulfillment & updation services, staff leasing, sales & marketing for various clients for diverse sectors like banking, telecom, logistics, retail, entertainment, IT and others.

To rendering services, advice, consultancy, to manage internal control of business, to manage assets, to monitor accounts liabilities, receivables,  dues, accounts bills, manage cash flow, reduce bad debt & recoveries, to manage call centers, customers, contract centers & to provide voice, email & chat based customer contact services, on behalf of clients, to there customers, for better performance & management of business houses, firms, companies, individuals, financial institution, government & non government organizations.

Impart Training, Consultancy, Advice & services in the field of Business Management and Personnel Management

At M.M. BPO SERVICES PVT. LTD. we understand how technology can help businesses meet their needs. Our business practices comprise of multiple processes and methodologies to entail maximum benefits out of our projects and do a smooth conversion management and run subsequent operations effectively for our customers. We are focused on providing our services to Fortune 500 corporations amongst others. We have a unique procedure, which revolves around building dedicated customer service centers for Fortune 500 customers, facilitating flawless integration with our partners.